Magic Tricks

The history of magic is as colorful as the history of ancient Egyptian and Chinese civilizations, from where it can be traced. Zoom Magician during those days, also called “sorcerers,” were a combination of entertainer and priest. Sorcerers were usually seen together with royalty. They made people believe in the supernatural power that made the plausibility of magic possible, allowing pharaohs and kings an air of power and invincibility.

Magicians Today

Magicians of today are quite different, being more concerned with entertainment than with anything else. Onlookers usually have no clue as to how a magic trick is done, so magicians are able to wow their audiences and make the impossible seem possible. As young children, our fascination with magic started the minute we saw a rabbit being pulled out of a magician’s hat. What’s interesting is that magic is a science, with methods and scientific principles that make it work.

Learning Magic Tricks

In learning how to do magic tricks, only three words should be remembered: PRACTICE, PRACTICE, and more PRACTICE. Any magic trick needs hours of practice to create the illusion of reality. The famous Harry Houdini started his career in magic by picking at locks. He practiced until he got so good at it that even with his hands tied or with eyes blindfolded, he could pick any lock he could get his hands on.

A mirror is one of the most important tools a magician can have; with the mirror, he gets to see the illusion he is creating for the people watching him. As a budding magician, try to curb your urge to show off. Practice in front of the mirror first. You wouldn?t want your first magic trick to turn into a comedy show on the first try.