Using Social Networks to Promote Weight Loss in Health Services

Health Services Can Use Social Networks to Promote Weight Loss

The rise of obesity and weight-related diseases in the US has made it imperative for health services to do everything in their power to educate the public about these deadly threats. However, this is easier said than done. Many things impact a health service’s ability to educate and provide vital help. Modern technology can provide vital assistance here, though. A weight loss social networking site can offer important tools and help to consumers, but can also ensure benefits to the health service, as well.

Less Money Spent on Marketing

One of the first things that your health service will notice is the immense amount of money saved on marketing. This is because social media marketing can lower or even eliminate the cost of traditional advertising telehealth, by allowing your network’s users to spread the message.

Reach More People

When you present potential users with an incredible site, as well as the ability to become a member at no charge, you are able to increase your reach exponentially. In addition, such a social networking site can begin generating immense traffic right away.

Better Retention

Ensuring that your users are provided with the help and information they need means keeping them from leaving. With social media marketing and the best possible tools, you will increase your retention rate by 40%.

Service around the Clock

It’s not possible for any health service to offer 24-hour service in the traditional sense. However, with a social network, your users will be able to access weight loss and diet information and interact with others at any time. In addition, your marketing will operate at all times, as well.

More Value to Your Members

As a health service, it’s important that you give your members the utmost in terms of value. You can do just that when you offer them an award-winning weight loss program packed with more than 50 powerful tools to help them achieve their goals as quickly and easily as possible.

Membership Growth Is Assured

One of the most advantageous things about having your own social network for weight loss, diet and better health is that you can take advantage of viral marketing to spread the word. Your users will refer their friends and family, and so on, down the chain. You can enjoy referral increases of 25% here.

Your Members Are Already Online

95% of your members are already using some form of social networking. By providing them with vital help and tools for weight loss and better health through a social network, you simply encourage them to interact and socialize within your network – something with which they are already comfortable.

Lower the Costs of Communication

Communication and gathering information can be costly. However, with a social network geared to provide weight loss and health information, you can easily share with your members, communicate about their likes and dislikes, and encourage leadership, ownership and community.

Awareness and Better Image

Another highly benefit of providing your members and clients with a social networking site for weight loss and diet is that you will be able to enhance your organization’s image very easily, as well as improve your branding efforts.

Hassle-Free and Low Cost

Finally, you’ll find that all the work has already been done. With a turnkey social network, the hard work has already been completed and all you have to do is invite your members.