How to Have Unique Travel Experiences

When you go on holiday and travel to a new country you will want to do two things, see the famous sites and also have some unique travel experiences. What I mean by unique travel experiences is that you experience something of the foreign culture which other tourists, or very few do.

Getting to know the locals

The unique travel experience could be an encounter with the local people and their way of life. Perhaps making friends with locals and being invited to their home, or out to a club with them. This way you really get to understand the foreign culture and the people and their way of life.

Discover local areas

Another unique cheap air travel experience could be in discovering an area of the city or country that other tourists don’t get to see. You can do this by going out of the main tourist areas, and away from the major cities. In Scandinavia you can take a cheap flight above the Arctic Circle and discover many places of interest to tourists but which most tourists don’t see because they are put off by the distance.

Go off the tourist beaten track

Finding unique places to visit when you travel can be difficult as you are not likely to venture away from the well known tourist sites unless you know where you are going. So the best thing to do when traveling to a foreign country and when you want to have a unique travel experience is to do some research on the internet. However you will find that most of the tourist information on the internet covers famous sites and major cities. You need to be inventive with the search terms you use. Try searching for the country name and then the words weird, strange, unique or local. Often when you search these words you will come up with local points of interest and not tourist sites.

Travel out of season

A unique travel experience can also be had by traveling out of season. If you travel in winter to a country known for it’s summer holiday season you will see a different side to it. It is interesting when searching travel on the Internet that most of the travel information about a country will focus on a particular season. For example when searching for tourist information about Israel the main web sites cover beaches and summer tourist activities, when searching for tourist info on Iceland you have to look for ages before you find tourist information about travel to Iceland in winter.