Friday Evening Weddings Gain Popularity – Would You Consider a Friday Wedding?

Why Brides and Grooms who had Friday Weddings Loved it.

We were intrigued by the growth in popularity of Friday Evening and Friday Night Weddings. So, we set out to interview Friday brides and grooms and learn from their experiences.

Less Stress

Most all agreed that they were less stressed than if they had a weekend wedding. In summerizing their answers, they did not arrive at their own wedding tired because as a rule, a Friday wedding is an evening event.
Therefore, preparations such as hair and beauty, picture taking etc…do not have to start early in the morning.

So, even though it was their wedding day, neither the bride nor the groom needed to rush or panic.

They actually could sleep in and be at their best, rested and relaxed. Well, almost all admitted to being eager, at least a little nervous and very excited.

Wedding discounts and special deals

riday brides and grooms were quick to point out that they saved a substantial amount of money without sacrificing or compromising having their dream wedding.

Though Friday weddings begin to occupy more and more calendars, the shared experience of Friday couples indicates that wedding dj chattanooga tn vendors and professionals are in less demand than on weekends. Therefore, many offer discount. This is something you may wish to consider especially if you are planning a wedding on a budget

If vendors and service providers do not outright offer, they are more willing to negotiate their prices and – or add benefits to attract more brides and grooms and generate business on their otherwise slow day.

Having interviewed both bridal couples and vendors, we discovered that they agreed that in many instances the savings realized by choosing Friday instead of a weekend are greater than 25 percent.

One bride told us that while calling around town and visiting places to have her wedding ceremony and reception, she was amazed to discover that in her region, Saturday evening weddings can run almost twice the cost of a Friday evening wedding.

With the cost of weddings today, this is quite a large sum.

A few couples who actually compared their Friday evening ceremony and following reception, with recent weekend weddings they attended, agreed that their vendors and service providers seemed less hurried, more flexible and more relaxed.
Some of the couples we interviewed received special incentives in addition to the discounts.