Why Glass Splashbacks For Kitchens Are The Healthier Choice

Why are so many more people today choosing glass splashbacks for kitchens, and glass worktops? Surely glass is fragile, delicate and a potential risk? With all of the other materials currently available for use in kitchens, such as tiles, granite, quartz, steel and wood veneer, why would anyone choose glass splashbacks?

In fact glass splashbacks and glass worktops are certainly not as delicate or as fragile as they might sound. Made from toughened glass and available up to 19 mm thick, they’re actually extremely tough and very strong. After all, if you think about it, most of the popular glass chopping board and food preparation boards you see in the shops, on television and being used by professional caterers and chefs are made from glass. This isn’t a coincidence, and today glass is definitely being seen as the ideal material.

With manufacturing methods now able to create glass splashbacks for kitchens and glass worktops which are made to measure, and which include curves, grooves and incorporate virtually any design and shape you can imagine, creating worktops and splashbacks made from glass provides not only a very tough, durable material on which to work, but one which offers very real benefits in terms of health and hygiene.

Today we’re all very aware of the need to keep kitchen worktops clean, and the risk from cross infection is real. Unfortunately too many worktops and splashbacks today provide ideal breeding grounds for bacteria. Wood veneer peels and breaks, offering ideal conditions for bacteria to hide and breathe. Many porous materials such as granite offer a vast wealth of places for bacteria to escape cleaning, and even violent scrubbing is not always enough.

However, glass provides a smooth surface which is entirely non-porous, and impermeable to bacteria. In fact if you want to become really unpopular with the local bacteria, then fit a glass worktop and glass splashback – they’ll have nowhere to hide!

The two main reasons why professional caterers and cooks use glass chopping boards and boards for food preparation is that they are the best choice as far as hygiene is concerned, being easy to clean and sanitise, as well as being very tough and durable, able to withstand sharp knives, as well as scalding pans, acidic liquids and even heavy pots and pans.

Glass doesn’t stain, unlike many other materials used for building kitchen worktops and splashbacks. From beetroot to vinegar, from curry sauces to lemon juice, all will sit on the surface of your glass worktops without causing any harm at all. One quick wipe and the spillage is history, allowing you to move on and focus on cooking and eating, rather than cleaning and scrubbing.

But whilst the benefits in terms of hygiene are easy to appreciate, and the fact that toughened glass is very resilient and durable and ideal for use in even the busiest kitchens, the main reason why so many people are choosing glass splashbacks for kitchens and even entire glass worktops is much more to do with the way they look, and the way they make your whole kitchen look.