Why Brighton Handbags Continue To Be Popular In Today’s Society

The Brighton handbag was successfully introduced to society, when Brighton was only a small collection of designer belts. The handbag soon followed and then a line of watches, perfumes, accessories, shoes, and jewelry ensued. In today’s market you can’t go anywhere and not see someone wearing some piece of Brighton.

In the alone, there are 60,000 Brighton Boutiques that offer the Brighton embellished bag to the clamoring public. Americans aren’t the only ones in love with the Brighton Handbag; men and women. Because of the company’s standard of customer service, these handbags are only sold in their boutiques.

Brighton Handbags for the Casual Woman:

The Tippi Lace Tote is a handbag with exquisite mixture of texture and croco lace. It is a study of bright colors in yellow, red, and orange, This handbag retails for over 150.

The Gina Pebble Hobo is a handbag with 11″ of strap inside a zippered pocket with a back pocket. This handbag sells for a little over $200.

Brighton Handbags for the Contemporary Woman:
The Bella Zip Top Satchel is a classic style that meets modern day woman. This handbag has 2 cellphone pockets and goes for around $250.

The Sharon Soft Envelope has a 10″ handle with an inside zipper pocket with a key holder. It is large enough to carry all the important things that a woman would need for a busy day. This handbag is selling for over $250.

Brighton Handbags in Fabric:

The Mevelyn Microfiber Carrier has a 13″ handle with an interior pocket, cellphone compartment, a key holder and a top that fastens. This handbag is available for a little over 140.

The June Zip Top Hobo is a handbag that was inspired by Brighton’s gingham hearts. This is a durable, and multi-faceted handbag created with a smidgen of polished Italian croco embossed trimming. This handbag retails for a little over 100.

Brighton Novelty Handbags:

The Betsy Stitched handbag is created with touch of an artisan who loves to have some fun. It features a 10″ strap with an interior zipper pouch, 2 side compartments, a flap with a magnet for a closure, and custom toile lining. This handbag can be found for a little under 250.

The Veronica Organizer is a handbag with a 14″ to 28″ adjustable shoulder strap that you can detach. This handbag comes with a loop handle, a place to put your photos, and a zip top pouch with an interior slash compartment, which holds room for 4 credit cars, cash, and cosmetics. This handbag is sold for 150.

Romance in Brighton Handbags:

The Corazon Double Handle handbag is the perfect handbag for the candlelit “picnic”. It features a silver hued handle in the shape of a heart with 3″ grips and a magnetic closure. This handbag is going for prices around $200.

The Chantily Lace Zip Top is a handbag with a vintage feel. It features an exterior Victorian design with a 5″ handle, interior pocket with a zipper, a back pocket, and attachable straps. This handbag retails for over $250.