Violin Facts Are More Interesting Than You May Think!

Interesting facts about the Violin

Are you a violin fanatic? Do you want to learn everything there is about the instrument that you love? There are many cello rental facts that you can read about, and among these is that the violin can trace its history back several thousands of years ago to stringed instruments known as the ravanstron, the rebec, and the rabab.
In the 11th century, other stringed instruments, namely the rote and the veille, emerged in a form that most closely resembles the violins of today.

But it wasn’t until the 16th century that the Medici family of Italy commissioned the famous lute maker, Andrea Amati, to build a small wooden stringed instrument that was as melodious as a lyre but was easy to carry around.

From the first model, violin history was made. It was so successful that violin makers from Gasparo de Salo, Giuseppe, Guarneri, Giovanni Maggini, Jacob Stainer, and the renowned Antonio Stradivari produced some of the world’s greatest violins.

Made primarily out of maple or spruce, a violin is a hollow instrument with a long neck and four perfectly tuned strings. It belongs to the violin family of instruments that consist of the viola, the bass viol and the cello. It has several parts consisting of a bridge, sound post, peg box, fingerboard, shin rest, bass bar, tailpiece, back, and sound holes.

Violins are classified according to electric, non-electric and two-acoustic.
They are available in many price ranges, from Stradivaris which can cost a small fortune and are often owned and played by accomplished violinists, to rented acoustic violins which are suited for beginners taking lessons for the first time, either through individualized instruction, or through inexpensive online violin lessons.