Preparing for Lesson One With a New High School Class

As head of Mathematics in a large high school, each year young, inexperienced teachers, often in their first year in the classroom would be appointed to my learn transits astrology school. It was my responsibility to induct them into my department and guide them through the beginnings of their career. Below is the advice I would give them to help them start with their new classes to give their students that they were experienced rather than novice teachers.
The first lesson with a new class, even for the experienced teacher, set the tone of the class at least for the first few weeks.
So below is what a teacher needs to organise and do in their first lesson at the start of the year.

Prior Preparation:

 Class list ruled up as a period roll;
 A starting activity;
 Room plan for a seating plan if you are not using the alphabetical plan;
 Work outline for each student plus extras for students not on the roll;
 Assessment schedule;
 List of students with special needs;
 Your tote box with teaching needs including pencils;
 Organise the room the way you need it for each class.
 Texts, handouts for this lesson;
 Check out the students’ record cards beforehand. Make notes about issues re students. Make an effort to put a face to a name in Lesson one.
 Photos of each student, if possible from school records;
 Plan the whole lesson. Have an activity that all students can do.
 Have a list of all you need to do. Make sure you have extra activities to do to fill the time.
 A short, fun activity at the lesson’s end.

Divide your plan into a generic plan that fits all the lessons. Then ensure that you have separate files of information for each class you will see on the first day. Then you’ll be ready to start the year off “on the right note”.