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The Violin Master Pro program is the only system online that provides full documentation, video downloads, resources and more, all taught by a world class violin master. It’s ear training system is truly powerful and the perfect foundation for any player at any age or any level.

About The Instructor:
Eric Lewis’ early training was at the Manhattan School of Music which is also where he received both a Bachelors and a Masters degree in performance. Now a master/virtuoso , Eric Lewis has been teaching violin lessons for over 40 years privately and also at many premiere performing arts institutions. Eric Lewis was born in New York City, where he now lives and performs as violinist in the Manhattan String Quartet.

What You Will Learn With Violin Master:
Discover the power of muscle memory when playing the violin. Learn how to play the violin in every style imaginable: Classical, Jazz, Pop, Fusion, Latin, European, Rock, Hip Hop, Folk, Country and more. Learn how to play any song imaginable. Amaze family and friends when, within weeks you are playing intense violin grooves from memory.

The violin notes will be as easy to understand just like understanding
the letters in the alphabet. If you do not have any ear training abilities, this system will guide you all the way. You will discover that violin music is actually very fun to read and improvise.

What’s Included In The Violin Master Pro Membership:
The member’s portion is updated regularly and provides video instruction on beginning and advanced violin playing, tips, and also audios and documentations too. This violin video system also helps you better focus during your rehearsals and performances. There are no hassles and no worries with this system. You will learn how to play the violin and even become a professional cello master yourself in an incredibly short amount of time.

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Violin Master Pro is the hottest most complete violin lesson website online to help would-be violin masters develop their skills. Whether it is Pop, Jazz, Classical, Latin, Fusion,European, Hip Hop, Rock, Country, Folk and many more, you can easily learn how to play the violin or truly enhance your violin playing skills. Violin Master Pro not only helps the well developed and middle experienced players, but it can help out beginners or young players and even those who have never touched a violin before.