How To Identify If A Real Estate Sales Career Is Your Hidden Calling?

Who doesn’t know that in many areas of the country you can make more in one month selling real estate than most people make in a year. There is a 22 year old making millions selling real estate to some of Hollywood’s most famous movie stars. This could be you.

Here’s how to identify if selling real estate could be your calling:

1. Do you desire to make a substantial six figure salary without an advanced degree? In real estate one only needs the desire to make money, proper training and a real estate certificate. Most realtors will even help pay for your training; And there are many real estate online courses.

2. Do you like helping people? contrary to what many people think Estate sale chico, selling is not a “pushy” field. Many hucksters and “used car” salespeople have turned the field into something with a negative image. Some think you have to be forceful and outgoing.

Actually some of the best sales people are gentle, kind, honest and have a sincere desire to help others. Real Estate is a good career for people with an intuitive feeling about people and their needs. You don’t need a degree for that; although, many transfer their skills in Psychology and Social Work to this profession.

3. Do you wish to have a job with flexibility which will allow you to work your own hours? Are you the type of person who hates the rigid 9-5 job. In all honesty, real estate may call upon you to work long hours, but many appointments with clients can be structured to accommodate flexible schedules.

Sure you may have to show homes on weekends and some evenings but again you can structure personal time in between those showings or you can arrange a way to work the career in a way to match your own customized financial goals.

The key here is to find a match between a real estate company and your needs. Like our company, some companies will allow you to tele-commute once you are more well versed in the business.

4. Do you enjoy interacting with people in your community? do you have hobbies and interests which bring you in touch with other people? This is not an absolute indicator of your success; but it is helpful if you can share your profession with others in your community and help them find the home of their dreams.

Many sales people do most of their outreach just by handing out business cards. (Some realtors set a goal to give out thousands of cards a month by attending events, mailing business cards with their bills and other creative strategies) Creative is the word here. Do you think you could find a creative way to interact with people? Do you find people gravitate towards you with their problems and concerns? this could be an indicator you have a magnetic personality which is a fine trait for this field.

5. Do you like helping your friends to “get what they want”? Have you been praised or criticized for “helping others”? Assisting others can be a good thing, if you’re able to find balance in your life. But in the field of sales it’s critical to success. People can tell when you’re only truly interested in yourself. And who wants to do business with that type of person?

6. Do you have an acumen for numbers? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist, but it helps to have a basic understanding of mathematical principles or at least access to the appropriate tools. It helps to be familiar with calculators(even cell phones have these capabilities ) At minimum, as with most things in life, one should not be afraid to learn new things and mathematics is included. With the expansion of the internet and all it has to offer, one can learn about mathematical principles in the privacy of their own home.

7. Do you have a visionary perspective? do you have a sense /feeling about certain things? do some of your friends come to your for advice because you often seem to know what the next logical step is? This could be a sign of the type of intuitive skills which could help you to sort through just the right home and neighborhood for a perspective customer.

These are some of the more important skills for becoming a real estate salesperson. If you’re interested in talking to a realtor about what it takes to truly become successful in this business, please contact us; anyone in our office would be glad to take the time to help you.