How Pad Printing Redefined the Corporate Gift Ideas

From small inkjet printers to heavy duty off set printing machines, there is something for everyone here. Quality and speed are the main considerations while scouting for a printing machine. As the quality of the print increases, the overall cost of the machine too will go up and in case your business needs a huge output of low quality prints then flexography machines would be better suited.

Applications of Pad Printing
Though Pad printing is not a conventional marketing tool, nobody can deny the fact that pad printing can be a subtle marketing tool without being too loud and garish like for instance fliers or brochures. Gone are the days when pads used to be monochrome and formal. Pad printing machines use state of the art technology that is well suited for printing on surfaces of any shape, texture or composition. Easy to operate and user friendly, these high speed pad printing machines can be effectively used for printing on accessories and consumables. Pad printing comes handy in designing customized corporate gifts singapore and mementos for its clientele on special occasions like New Year.

With the advent of pad pen printer, it is possible to print as many 42 Pens at once. Its multi-color function can print vivid images on pens or other gifts. A pen printing machine is a cost effective and swift option that can be used to print on pen clips and pen barrels.These systems offer high output, low per piece printing cost, perfect multi color registration and excellent printing quality.

Pen Printer Can Be a Potent Marketing Tool
Imprinted pens have evolved to be one of the most popular advertising specialty items in the world. Companies can get their logo, slogan or contact information printed on the pens that they intend to give as gifts to the customers. The pens are placed on a conveyor belt and as they move past the imprinting machine, the matter is imprinted on the pen, one at a time. This method is quick and perfect for bulk orders.

Choosing a good printing machine can change the way you do business and has a huge bearing in making or breaking your company. So make your choice with discretion.