How Do You Apply Gel Polish At Home

Unlike conventional polish that takes time to dry, the gel polish is dried with the help of an ultraviolet lamp. It helps the polish to look shinier than normal polish. If you wish, you can apply the polish at home. Here are a few tips that you must follow to apply gel polish on your own.

The first step is to clean and dry the polish. You also have to push the cuticles and you should not allow the cuticles to cover the nails. You should also use a buffer to create scratch on the nail surface. You have to rub it slowly. It helps the polish stick to nail and allows you to get a proper manicure. The next step is to wash the hands and remain dust with a soft sponge that is dipped in alcohol.

You apply one coat of gel polish to the nails in order to prevent cuticles. You should not forget to swipe the coat on the tip of the nail. You can dry the nails under an ultraviolet lamp for three or five minutes. Once you dry them properly, you should then sweep them with the help of soft tissues dipped in solution. You should allow them to become dry. You should repeat the step on the next hand. Your goal is to prevent the cuticles and check that polish should not be removed after two or three days. Even if base coat or even polish covers the cuticle, the gel polish will be removed and cuticle will start to grow in size. It may ruin your manicure.

The final step is to apply the top coat as well as seal the nail tip. You also can dry up the coats under an ultraviolet lamp for a few minutes. You also have to sweep the tissue dipped in solution over the nails.

If you apply the above mentioned steps correctly, then the manicure can last for two weeks. After the completion of two weeks, it would begin to peel around the corners of the nails. However the mails would not damage the look. Such type of manicure continues for a long time and you do not have to worry about the final touch ups. Like the conventional gel, this type of paint is easy to be used. You can take advantage of multiple benefits. You are unable to enjoy the benefit from other conventional polish.