Group Text Messaging – Not Just Any Old Message System

Businesses and organizations are always looking for a better ROI (Return On Investment) when it comes to marketing. Text messaging, because of it’s low cost per message and instant connectivity is probably the best bet in today’s electronic media marketing options. More and more businesses and organizations are turning to text messaging to get their messages out there. It is a fairly new and exciting marketing option, but it is even more than just a simple message.

When it comes to using cell phones to deliver messages there are many more options than simply sending a Text Enable Landline.

Coupons: Coupon buying is one of the most popular methods of increasing sales and building a customer base. Any company can invite existing and new customers to enjoy discounts by having them text in to receive the coupon, or simply show the text message to receive a discount on any purchases for a specific period.

Contests: People love to enter contests, especially if it’s as simple as replying to a text message or texting a keyword to a short code. For example, “Text WIN to 000999 to enter to win a computer” from XYZ corp”. Some text messaging companies include a contest function system with their software to allow a random selection of winners.

Demographics: Collecting data on demographics is one of the most important aspects of marketing. Having people vote or do surveys can build a database of people and their likes and dislikes. Companies can use this information to offer products and services that their customers are looking for.

With all of the options above anyone who texts in to enter a contest, to receive a coupon or discount would be added to that company’s or organization’s database of phone numbers to contact in the future. This would have to be clearly stated and agreed to by the person texting in that they agree to Opt In to the list.

Once you have decided that text messaging may be beneficial to your marketing campaigns you can take it a step further, especially if you run a small business with few employees. If you think that you may need to hire someone to run your text marketing, you may be surprised at how easy and multifunctional it is.

Most text messaging companies should offer most if not all of the following to super charge your marketing efforts.

Message forwarding: You should have the option of forwarding any replies to an email address or directly to your own cell phone. This way you can check on replies 24/7 no matter where you are.

Sending messages from your phone: You should have the option to be able to send messages right from your cell phone to your lists no matter what time of day or where you may be.

Scheduling messages: You should also have the option of scheduling when your messages will be sent. You can go on vacation and still have your regular messages go out.

Text messaging is the latest means of contacting customers, staff or members. It is just as, or more, versatile than any other means of communication. But more importantly it is quickly becoming the most popular means of receiving information for anyone with cell phones.