Great Apps to Keep Your Child Entertained

Having a small child means constantly having to come up entertaining diversions. Fortunately, the bright lights, colours and noise from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch can be hugely helpful. And little ones find them easy to use – touch screens were made for kids!

There will be parents out there who are horrified at the thought of their child using an iPad or iPhone for entertainment. But are these the same parents who sit their children in front of the television for an hour or so when they need a bit of downtime?

Babies and children love TV – that’s pretty a much a given. The lights, the movement, the noise; it’s fascinating to them and they will sometimes stare in rapture at something so seemingly inane.

iPads and iPhones offer that same distraction – but with the added bonus of interaction. And that’s the key. There is an abundance of Reading apps for education and entertainment being created targeted at small children, which can help with the development of cognitive, motor and language skills. Choose an app that lets you help your child learn and that’s even more rewarding.

The advice is as with everything, moderation of use is the key.

Here are my current 10 fav apps for the little ones, all available from Apples App Store:

Bubble snap – free – for iPhone or iPod Touch – this is great and strangely addictive for adults too. Just tap the screen to pop the virtual bubble wrap!

I Hear Ewe – free – A brilliant distraction tool for kids! Tap on the animal or vehicle to make the sound.

Itsy Bitsy Spider – 1.49 – an interactive version of the popular nursery rhyme which also teaches kids about the environment, nature and animals.

Wheels on the bus – 0.69 – from the same people that make Itsy Bitsy Spider, this interactive version of the Interactive gaming apps for kids popular nursery rhyme teaches your child cognitive, language and motor development skills.

Baby Flash Cards – free – over 450 high quality images with text and voiceovers.