Creating With Polymer Clay And Mylar Foils To Achieve A Beautiful Faux Dichroic Glass Look

There are so many things polymer clay can imitate and one of them is the iridescent look of dichroic glass. You can use mylar backed foils to create a similar or faux dichroic glass look with little effort. The foils are made by several brands but the technique needs to be done with mylar backed foils to achieve the right look.

The trick is to get the foil to stick to the polymer Earring hooks nz clay. The best way to achieve success is to condition and roll out a flat sheet of polymer clay and apply the foil, design side facing the clay and use a hard card or credit card to burnish it to the clay.

You must create friction, which also creates heat and helps to release the foil from the mylar backing. Run the card back and forth multiple times (this may take a few minutes). When you think you have created enough friction, you must pull the mylar away from the clay in one fell swoop, like a Band Aid.

At this point the foil should be stuck to the polymer clay. You can cut strips or designs and decorate pendants, beads, housewares, jewelry and so much more. Adding and acrylic finish to your piece created with the foil after baking will make it look even more like dichroic glass.

You can use a non yellowing polyurethane varnish, Future floor wax, or a product like Diamond Glaze to achieve a more glass like finish. Experiment and search the web for a variety of techniques that can be done with these foils. The foils are sure to add a little “bling” to your designs.