Clothing the Plus Sized Woman – Dress Your Best Whatever Your Shape Is

Clothing the plus-size woman is one of the challenges that the fashion industry that needs to take on. While haute couture designers like Ralph Lauren, Dolce and Gabbana, Max Mara and Gucci are slowly responding to the demand for clothing for the plus-size woman, the fact is that this recognition is not going as fast as it should. It even teeters for some companies, what with Ellen Tracy closing down its plus-size boho womens tops due to recession and the UK department store Selfridges ceasing to devote part of its floor space to plus-size clothing.

If you are a plus-size woman, this should not be a dampener for you. Your money is your voice in the fashion industry, and while the options for you are admittedly not as wide as it would have been if you were a size zero, you can still find something that fits and would flatter your curvy body. The important thing here is that you should dress your best no matter what shape you have.

Dressing Your Best Is Taking Care of Yourself

“Feel good, look good” is an old adage that we commonly hear. It is true, though. If we want to feel good about ourselves, we should strive to look good. This is not about exercising and losing weight – although doing these things is not so bad if you have health issues. It is more about making the effort to dress well in a way that fits your body type.

It does not matter if you are slender or voluptuous. If you dress sloppily, without a care whether or not your clothes attract attention to body flaws you should hide, you will draw condescending stares and negative comments. These would naturally make you feel bad about yourself. But if you dress your best in a way that highlights your assets and hides your flaws, you will look beautiful and sexy no matter what body shape you have. This is just a way of taking care of yourself, and when you take care of yourself, you would naturally feel good about it.

Fit Is Everything in Clothing the Plus-Size Woman

How should you dress your best? That is probably the question that you have in mind right now. The answer here is simple: You should always dress in clothes that fit you. You should always remember that fit is everything in clothing the plus-size woman.

When a garment fits your body, it means that the garment moves with you, does not feel constricting and feels absolutely comfortable. It should not be too loose, however, because believe it or not, wearing clothing that is too loose or too big around you will only make you look bigger.

When you shop for clothes, you should try it on. Sit down and walk around while wearing the garment so you can test its performance. If the garment has buttons, you should be able to button them up without any gaping holes at the front. It should not feel too tight around the arms or shoulders. It should not show any bulges where the bulges should be hidden. Lastly, it should not feel like it is going to pop at the seams.

Finding Clothes that Fit

It is understandable that finding clothing for the plus-size woman that fits may not be easily done at a department store. But it should not worry you because you have options. You can always browse the Internet for online boutiques catering to plus-size women. Just make sure that you can safely return your purchases from these online stores if it turns out that the clothes are not what you expected.

Clothing the plus-size woman may be a challenge, but it is not an impossible challenge. You should not despair if you cannot find clothes that fit you in a department store. You always have options, and as long as you have these options, there is no reason why you cannot dress your best no matter what body shape or size you have.