Cheap Student Insurance Secrets For Auto Insurance

Use Your Parents Insurance
First of all, get on your parent’s insurance if you can. This will greatly reduce the amount you have to pay since your parents probably have an established auto policy several years old. That means the insurance company views them as less of a risk, and so they’ll get lower rates. You can reimburse them, and some companies may even let you pay separately. The downside to this plan is that your car will probably have to be held in your parents name. On the other hand, this is a great way to save lots of money on car insurance. Later, after you’ve been driving for a few years and have a degree, you can get cheaper rates on your own insurance.

Keep Up Your Grades
Second, many insurance companies offer incentives to students who maintain good grades and high academic standards. For example, several companies offer cheap student insurance to people who maintain a certain grade point average. The discounts can be significant, so be sure to inquire about this before you get your policy. Companies have different standards for getting this discount, so be sure you understand the rules. Once you’re in school, work hard to keep your grades up. There are many benefits to getting good grades, but paying less money for auto insurance is certainly a great goal to work towards!

Maintaining a good driving record and being a safe driver is one of the most important ways to show the insurance company that you deserve lower rates. Don’t get speeding tickets or other traffic fines. Whatever you do, never drive drunk because a DUI can make your insurance unaffordable. Finally, find several insurance quotes before you settle on an insurance provider. Rates between companies can differ greatly, so do your work before you buy a policy.