Cheap Sleeps, High-Quality Stays: Top Budget Hotels to Book Now

Seychelles with its natural beauty and scenic delight attracts nature aficionados from all over the world. Being a home to 115 islands, it accommodates many enjoyable water sports for all sport lovers. These two reasons make the city a perfect place attracting lots of travelers and tourists every year. Many entertainment facilities and really inspiring landscapes of the place have something to proffer every visitor who visit this beautiful destination. The region is also recognized for its cuisine, exquisite drinks and bustling nightlife which is full of fervor and fun. One can enjoy his stay at luxury accommodations and resorts by pampering into body massages and fragrant spas.

Being the most popular tourist destination, Seychelles has housed many travel offices and agencies positioned at the corners and hook of prime cities like Praslin, La Digue, Victoria, Mahe and many more. Some of the well-known hotels and resorts are collaborated with reputable and reliable travel agencies so as to give outstanding services to travelers and tourists.

Another option for people, who want to visit Seychelles to enjoy their holidays, is to hunt for different travel agencies online. One will definitely come across many websites providing numerous travel deals and that too, at affordable Hotels prices. One needs to do thorough research on packages offered by these online travel agencies. As well, have a look on regional traveling agencies too in order to get a rough idea about their services and price range. One can easily get their contact numbers to clear the doubts that come in the mind regarding tax rates and concession that they would deduct or add to his overall package.

Budget accommodations in Seychelles

Airlines that fly to Seychelles land at ‘Victoria Airport’ on the Mahe’s island. If this is your destination, you will find here one of the Mahe’s finest hotel ‘Banyan Tree Seychelles’. The hotel accommodates lavishly appointed 1 and 2 bedroom villas that are either perched on hillsides with incredible views, or close to beaches. One can enjoy his private sundeck and private swimming pool. In addition to 3 restaurants, a gym, health club, tennis and a spa are also adjoined with the hotel.

Apart from this, a small hotel namely ‘Hotel L’Archipel’ is also located, with spacious cottage style rooms and verandas facing Indian Ocean. If one is looking for a place to unwind and relax, this hotel could be what he wants. Enjoy 2 main restaurants with beach bar, free water sports and a lounge. Chill out by stepping onto the veranda, taking lavish late breakfast and of course by taking a sip of refreshing drinks.