Bathroom Suites and Homes Influenced by Modern Technology

Home spaces such as bathroom suites are being shaped by modern technology, with people keen to live in multi-use areas.

This is according to trendsetter and spotter Douglas Coupland, who told the Vancouver Sun that the need for open communication is physically manifesting itself in the removal of walls in a home, saying: “I think the era of single-use rooms is over.”

He explained that he now watches the majority of his TV on a laptop which, in a wireless property, can be moved anywhere.

Mr. Coupland, who studied art and design before turning his hand technology meaning to writing, noted that the idea of a home’s centre, where everyone gathers, is no longer tied to one place in a residence, as communal spaces are now more flexible.

Investing in bathroom furniture such as bathroom tiles and toilets might also prove to be the in-thing to install a television set.

For example, including a TV as bathroom furniture may not have been considered before, but the Philadelphia Inquirer recently stated that some homeowners are keen to watch shows while in the bath.

The Philadelphia Inquirer also stated that, the designated TV room appears to be falling by the wayside given the growing number of viewing devices and the shrinking size of residences.

Speaking to the news source, Jeff Giacoponello explained that his family owns four flatscreen televisions – one in the kitchen, one in the master bedroom, one in an open room above a fireplace and another in the master bathroom suite.

“The Jacuzzi is a great place to watch [TV] and relax,” Mr Giacoponello remarked.

Deborah Grassi, real estate agent, made further comments, saying where summer holiday rental properties are concerned, there must be a TV in each room.