7 Ways to Maximize Your Acupuncture Treatment

You’ve decided upon giving acupuncture a try but you still worry. Hearing miracle stories, still you worry that it will work for you. Maybe you’re also worried about the cost. Is there any way you can maximize your acupuncture Neck or Cervical Pain benefits? Of course there is!

First, listen to your acupuncturist. Follow the advice your acupuncturist gives you following the treatment. Stay in contact if you have any questions. It’s always better to ask a silly question than worry about something. Talking to your acupuncturist about any concerns eases your mind and helps them offer you more effective care.

Second, drink plenty of fluids. Staying hydrated after a treatment is incredibly important. Water helps push any toxins that might be released out of your system. If you don’t drink enough you might feel achy in other parts of your body.

Third, allow yourself to rest. If you feel fatigued after your acupuncture treatment, then let your body rest. If you need to sleep do so. Try and avoid doing a full day’s work after your treatment. You may feel great, but use that feeling wisely. Don’t do a lot of tasks that you know are stressful.

Fourth, don’t drink alcohol. Avoid alcohol before your treatment and for about 24 hours afterward. If you have a morning appointment, a small amount of alcohol at dinner is probably okay but try and avoid it if possible. It’s not advisable to drink right after a treatment, even in small amounts. Alcohol can make it harder for any toxins released to exit the system. In fact, alcohol is creating more toxins and creating a heavier burden on your system.

Fifth, eat nourishing foods. You’ve just worked on creating balance in your body. Don’t go out and eat a lot of junk. This doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a bit of whatever you are craving, but try and do it in moderation. Good healthy meals full of rich vegetables and proteins are the best after a treatment.

Sixth, avoid traveling long distances. You may need to drive across town. You may even need to leave town while seeing an acupuncturist, but in the 24 hours before or after a treatment, try and avoid traveling for more than two hours at a time. Your body needs to time to adapt to its place in the world. The one exception may be if you are seeing a practitioner to help you with jet lag.

Finally, don’t get scared. Sometimes emotions come up after a treatment or sometimes symptoms may worsen. This is normal. Try and let yourself go with the flow. If you are feeling emotional and can go someplace and cry or vent, that’s best. If you can’t do that, sometimes an Epsom salt bath will take the emotional edge off. If your symptoms increase, then let yourself rest. If the discomfort continues, don’t hesitate to call your practitioner. Sometimes just knowing that it’s normal can help. If not, then perhaps adding in a treatment sooner than you planned may be the way to go.

Always listen to anything that your practitioner says about your particular treatment. Everyone has different needs. It’s also important to stay in close communication with the person you are working with. There’s nothing better than having open communication with your provider and knowing you’re on track to better health.