3 Smart Social Media Marketing Tips For Promoting an Online Business

Social Media Marketing is an online business owner’s best friend. Not only can you network with people from every walk of life, you can also use social media marketing tools to create awareness about your business and boost sales. Just ask Dell who generated over $1 million dollars in revenue by marketing on Twitter.

Old sales tactics, such as cold calling, are out. Today’s social media marketing tactics are customer-friendly, cost-effective and actually work. Here are a few tips for successfully using social media to promote your online business.
Network with the Right People

It doesn’t matter how clever or expensive your social media marketing campaign is netflix 4k, if you are promoting your product to the wrong people then you are not going to convince anyone to buy what you are selling. Therefore, it is important that you understand who your customers are and to make sure you are showing up on their radar.

For example, I own an online shopping mall that saves people time and money when they use it to make purchases online. It can also be a source of income to entrepreneurs looking to replace or supplement their current wages. When I promote my business, I make sure to only approach people who shop online or are interested in building a home-based business. Trying to sell to anyone else would be a waste of time and effort.

Introduce Yourself First

A lot of new social media marketers commit the grievous sin of immediately pummeling their prospects with their sales pitch. This is simply bad manners. Social networking is like a party. Would you really approach someone and start demanding they buy your product? Of course not. You would introduce yourself first and then talk to them about your business when the opportunity presented itself.

Likewise, social networking websites are best used as a means of introducing yourself to prospects and letting them get to know you. Eventually they will feel comfortable enough to let you talk to them about your business. This takes time, so be patient.

Be Bold

However, when the opportunity to promote your business presents itself, grab it with both hands. Social media marketing may be a passive form of marketing but it is still very competitive. Don’t forget, millions of other people are out there promoting their businesses too.

So if you notice that one of your prospects expresses a need for your product, contact them. For example, if someone asked about a good place to buy a computer, I would send them my suggestions, a tip on getting the best deal and a link to my online shopping site. Will everyone you approach buy your product? Probably not but as Wayne Gretzky once said, “You miss 100% of the shots you never take.”